Monday, May 29, 2017

thank you letter

Parkvale SchoolIMG_20170516_073627.jpg
Howard Street
Hastings 4122


Dear Annique IMG_20170516_073627.jpg

I really appreciate you for helping us on Masterchef, My excitement got taken away for a sec but as soon as we got announced as the winners I was super surprised and screamed. Everyone in our group was so amazed because we would have not had won the wonderful competition and we would have never won without you. Thank you very much Annique,for helping us to get more ideas for the diner and the pancake also.          

I really really think that you are such a great person and I do think that you are one wonderful person. Thank you so much for helping us on the great big challenge day. Thanks.You helped so much with Nikau hub. Everyone loved you at camp. And the reason why I am writing this letter to you is because you were so amazing to everyone.

Here are my highlights I loved the most. One is the challenge day because it was one of the best day at camp because we had to complete all the tasks and the hardest one of them all was the wet and dry challenge . And my other highlight is the master chef because everyone had to make pancakes and tea for the judge. And my other one was handball because everyone loved it including me.

Your sincerely

Nevaeh Howard


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

My Special Place

My Special Place by Nevaeh
1.waves crashing

2.Seagulls /food sand


 As the waves were crashing like the sound of thunder, I jumped into the deep  blue sea.
When I jumped into the sea, I felt something nip my foot “ouch”. I opened my mouth under the water. It was as cold as ice and the water tasted bitter like salt.
I came up but I could not breath. I finally took a breath and started crying I ran towards mum and I told her what happened , so she got my towel  and wrapped  it up me and gave me something to eat.

It was lunchtime my mum and dad made some shortbread! It was so tasty. After our quick snack, we got some delicious  chocolate chip ice cream and pizza.
When we got in the car, a seagull flew into the window and stole my pizza and I said “give me back my pizza you stupid seagull “ I am never eating any food by the beach again.
The seagulls were so annoying when they were swelling because they were hurting my ears.

The hot sand was going between my toes like me stepping in lava. “Ouch” I yelled, the sand was burning my feet like me standing a stove/oven.The sand looks kinda red because it is a very hot day. Finally the tide reached the hot sand and cooled me off. After I had my cool off I asked my parents if they could build a sand castle. “Ah ha we did it” I said loudly,Whoosh, “Oh no” the waves swooped the sand castle away to the sea. Mum and Dad laughed but when they looked at me frowning they stopped laughing.

My mum went to go to MacDonald’s well me and my dad Adam were still in the nice warm tent. Yay mums back with MacDonald. We all gathered around  the fire and we were having tea on the loges. After we had tea we roasted some marshmallows. They were so nice “yum” I said. OMG my dad drop his stick and the marshmallow in the fire, I was laughing my head off. My sister Tyla was laughing as well just like the rest of us.    

                   What went well for me
                     What I could do better
What went well for me was adding enough detail and putting picture in the reader's head. Something that also did good was having complex sentences.

Visual Art #2

Friday, March 10, 2017

Five facts about me

My first day at school was awesome because I got to meet everyone but I  mostly knew them, anyawy. My favourite part about the day was the art work because it was fun and we got to draw.
Five facts about me.

Something that I like to do is drawing because when I do drawings it me think of things the have been in the past.

Something that I like to do is gimnastices because I always learn something new.

Something that I also like to do is is when u have to lip sing to the songs.

Something that I like to do is playing with my two sisters one of them is cold Maddison and she is the uongst and the other one is cold Tula and she is the middle of three of them.

Something that I also like to do is playing with my friend Alyssa and we always play mincart.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

All about me

Best Memory[a] 
my much loved hobby 
what makes me laugh 
fun fact about me
My best memory was  when my mum said that we are going to get kittens I screamed in excitement  because I have always wanted kittens. We came home with a cat called Felix he is Black and white with a little tabby. 
My much loved hobby is favorite thing to draw is a kawaii pikachu. 
This is how I make my pikachu
  1. I start with the ears.   
  2. Then I draw the outline of the face.
  3. Then I draw the body and the feet .
  4. And last  I colour it in yellow and brown.   
Last week I invited sienna over for a sleepover. Then we thought of a great idea. We grabbed the glad wrap from in the draw, we got my mum to glad wrap our legs and we bounced our way to the tramp. Once we got on we bounced until we fell over.      
A fun fact about me is that I like to have sleepovers With Sienna. When Sienna stays over we always glad wrap the toilet. Every time We have to hide the glad wrap under my pillow ,once we heard that she was asleep we quickly layered the toilet with glad wrap.